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You probably have been seeking to buy SARM products to use for your workout routines. If so, you must be no stranger to the frustrations of many other SARM seekers who worry about the quality of SARM compounds that are offered in the market.

In 2017, CNN highlighted a report about some researchers who bought 44 different products on the market that were being sold as SARMs. To their horror, just 18 of these proved to be SARMs, and even the majority of these 18 were underdosed with the active compound.


So, your misgivings as a SARMs buyer about what is on offer in the market aren’t entirely misplaced. But what’s the way out of this quagmire for you who just want to go home with a good product with no complications and drama?

Fortunately, by reading this article, I will give you a chance to look at one SARMs vendor, SARMs America, so that you can know if it’s a suitable supplier to opt for. Should you buy from them, or should you run away from them?

Evaluating Sarms America

Sizing up this company to see if it squares up with what should be your ideal SARMs supplier required me to look at several factors

  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Shipping policy
  • Pricing
  • Customer service
  • Website quality and ease of use
  • Money-back guarantee

By looking at all these, you can tell the overall qualities of the vendor.

Why Sarms and not something else?

SARMs is the short name for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators. SARMs have truly arrived with a bang, and people are still scrambling to understand their full potential while others are swearing absolute loyalty to it as their preferred compound for performance enhancement. However,  before SARMs came, people used to talk about nothing else but anabolic steroids or prohormones whenever the topic of physical performance came up. Unfortunately, even though these compounds were stunning and delivered powerful results, they also triggered terrible reactions in the body.

These are just a few nasties you could  count on if you decide to go the steroid way

  • Failing liver as a result of toxicity
  • Men’s boobs or a condition where men’s breasts suddenly ballooned to resemble women’s breasts
  • Women have deepening voice which, horrifying enough, can be irreversible
  • Growth of beards in women
  • Need for the costly, time-consuming PCT or post cycle therapy designed to restore normal hormone levels

Given these troubling downsides, it’s no surprise that SARMs were greeted with excitement and relief, like a long-awaited messiah. They proved to be much safer even though they did not produce results that were as quick and dramatic. SARMs have the unique property of being able to zero down on specific parts of the body while bypassing others. This, after all, is what is meant by them being selective. They target only a few tissue areas like bone and muscle, which are precisely the only body areas you want to change.

Despite their allure and appeal, SARMs have also sparked intense controversy, with some opposing their use on safety grounds. The use of SARMs, therefore, is not allowed in many countries. Some countries like the US have cleared them only as research chemicals not to be used in humans or animals.

Product quality

How does Sarms America ensure you get nothing but quality SARMs products? The company states that its products have world-class quality and have a pharmaceutical grade of 100%. They are also the USA manufactured with most parts obtained from America.

However, the real deal is when you get to talk to customers and get their feedback. I was not able to get customer reviews except for the ones featured on the site. The overwhelming number expressed satisfaction with the product. To put it bluntly, if these customers are to have their way, the company’s products have passed the test with flying colors. However, customer reviews outside the site are hard to come by.

Product variety

Sarms America brings you all the familiar names of the most popular Sarms products. Their product range is wide enough, so it is not likely that you will have to turn away is a disappointment for failing to find what you want.

Here is the list of Sarms products they have in their inventory

  • Ostarine MK 2866
  • Cardarine GW 501516
  • Anabolic LGD 4033
  • Test Booster RAD 149
  • GH Booster MK 677
  • Shred SR 9009
  • Myostatin YK 11
  • Andarine S4


The company also has performed Sarms stacks formulated for specific goals such as muscle mass increase, fat reduction, and attaining lean figure.


  • Mass Building Stack (LGD 4333 + RAD 140 + MK 677 + YK 11)
  • Bikini Summer Stack (S4 +SR 9009 + GW 1516)
  • Fat Burner stack or Shredded Stack (S4 + RAD 140 +SR 9009 + GW 1516)

Overall, this is a comprehensive enough product coverage to fit the needs of any SARMs enthusiast.

Customer service

The company provides its customer support hours to be between 8 AM and 5.30 PM. They provide their email contact is [email protected] and phone number as 1(855)553 3757. They don’t say if it’s toll-free, so you can bet it’s not. That’s a negative because we have got vendors who go all the way to allow toll-free calls.

How great are they with customers? I haven’t seen any complaints, so it is safe to say that these folks offer excellent support for customers. They have kept them too happy for any of them to think of complaining.

Website quality and  navigability

How great is Sarm America’s site? I have looked at it, and I found it superbly done with all the elements right that go into making a professional site. No clutter that sometimes can leave other sites sounds like a noisy clang. Links are provided to give quick and ready access to different pages such as the order page or just to view what products are in the store.

The simplicity of the site makes it convenient for first-timers: no needless cases of futile searching or getting lost.


Once they have placed their order, 100% of the buyers want to know what follows next and how long they have to wait. It’s a natural feeling, as you have parted with your money and don’t want to feel scammed by waiting too long!

Sarms America says so much depends on whether you ordered before 3 PM or not. If so, your order will be packed and get shipped off the same day, provided it is a US-based order, and it is any of Monday through to Friday.

Delivery should be expected the next day, making this a 1 to 2 days waiting time. These include WA and rural areas. If you ordered on Friday, however, the next day will be a weekend, and so delivery will have to be pushed forward to the next business day, which is usually  Monday. If you are buying from outside the US, your order may arrive in 7 to 10 days.

Returns policy

The company does set out its returns policy on its website but curiously under a misnamed link called website policy. That misstep aside, SARMs America states that its returns policy covers no more than 30 days. If you find yourself outside that 30-day window, then too bad: you will have lost all rights to request a refund or an exchange.

There are still more conditions for you to satisfy for you to be able to return your product.

  • It should be unused and be in the same condition before it reached you
  • It must retain the original packaging

Also, a long list of  goods are not returnable such as

  • Perishable items like flowers, food, newspapers, magazines, etc
  • Products that are of personal or intimate nature such as sanitary goods


What about a refund?

In the case of a refund request from a buyer, the company will receive your returned product and then later notify you by email whether you should be refunded or not.

If your refund request is accepted, the refund will be processed and payment made based on the method of payment you used initially.

In case your refund delays, you can first confirm from your bank account before getting in touch with the credit company. A delay usually occurs before your refund is updated in their system. Next, check your bank as a delay can also occur here before the refund is reflected in their system.

Payment methods

The company accepts the following methods for paying for your product.

Credit or debit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card)

EFT payments are for international Bank transfer

Canadian buyers can pay via Interac E-transfer


So, is Sarms America a good Sarms supplier to buy from? On the surface, most indications show that this company delivers good quality Sarms products.  Customer reviews are positive, but these are mainly the ones that appear on their site. Overall we think this is a good supplier.

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