Sarmsexpress Review: A SARM vendor You Should Check Out?


Getting hold of genuine SARMs that you can trust is a tall order. That is because this market has gone wild with vendors who are manipulative and seem to be always out to get the better of you.

Your SARM product needs to boast high purity levels of the active substance, and it should be free from contamination to avoid health problems. However, that’s not what your typical SARM vendor cares about, so they will push ridiculously underdosed or severely contaminated products on you. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with all of this, and this is why you are reading this article.

In this article, you will be able to know if you should even give a second thought to Sarms express as your SARMs supplier.

Determining how good the company is

Checking out how good a company is to buy from isn’t always so easy and straightforward. One must look at several factors, balance them, and arrive at an overall decision. Moreover, not all the factors have an equal punch in determining the company’s attractiveness. Does the company have reasonable, affordable prices? Great, but what about if the products are awful? Suddenly it won’t matter how cheap the product is or even if they are free! That echoes the common phrase of the product being dear at any price.

So, here is how I assessed Sarmsexpress

  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Shipping policy
  • Pricing
  • Money guarantee
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Website quality


Let me take you through a journey of the company’s history first before switching gears back and looking at these qualities.

History of Sarmsexpres

This company has seen 25 years of operations in the SARMs and fitness market. Starting from its firm belief in SARMs compounds as an effective and safe compound for use, Selectsarms seeks to help individuals through their journey of attaining fitness goals in many areas, whether it is cycling, powerlifting or bodybuilding, or just general personal health and fitness goals. At the same time, the company recognizes the different levels and intensities needed for these activities and thus makes it possible for individuals to get tailor-made solutions appropriate for them.

Sarms express spells out a mission as well as a vision in its site. The mission says it is out to bring awareness of the true potential of SARMs as well as supply high-quality SARMs products. Its vision says it is committed to harnessing the advantages of technology to bring conviction among Canadians on superior choices. It also says it is dedicated to promoting SARM products as a perfect option that lies between the much more drastic and potentially harmful options of anabolic steroids and the less effective options of creatine or glutamine.

How Sarms got our attention

Sarms is a relative newcomer in the family of compounds that are used for physical or performance enhancement. They drew people’s attention because it was figured they could perfectly fit steroids and prohormones as a replacement. Steroids and prohormones once rode high as performance enhancement drugs. You were able to get stunning results from them as they could turn you into a beast in the track or gym as you work out.

You won’t hear of steroids or prohormones very much these days, however, because of the significant fallout users had with these compounds. The catastrophic health nightmare that these compounds caused was too much to bear. They were associated with causing problems like

  • Oversized breasts in men
  • Shrinking testicles in men
  • Hoarse, deepened voices in women
  • Beards in women
  • Liver damage and toxicity
  • Need for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) can be an inconvenience in terms of expenses and downtime

Product quality

Expresssarms touts the fact that it offers you pressed tablets rather than the other market options, which you will typically get in the form of liquid and serum. But how does this translate into a better quality for you? Sarms express explains that pressed tabs are a superior option as you don’t have to deal with taste issues, and you will have higher precision with your dosages. This pill option also gives you incredible convenience and ease of handling if you want to carry it and use it anywhere.

Product variety

I looked at the company’s online inventory and noticed they carried pretty every SARM product you may want. Their products fall into these categories, although many appear in more than one category. This suggests that they have multiple benefits

Athletic enhancement (5)

These products are designed to give you stunning athletic prowess. Some of them include

  • Advanced sport stack
  • Rip stack
  • Pro stack
  • GW-501516
  • Sarms Express U-Pick Bundle

Bundles (7)

These are SARMs that are bundled together to deliver shattering results. They include

  • Advanced sport stack
  • Rip Stack
  • Test stack
  • Fit stack
  • Pro stack
  • Sarms bundle u pick
  • Mass stack

Fat loss (8)

These SARMs collections are your ideal weapon in promoting fat loss. They include

  • Advanced Sport stack
  • Rip stack
  • Fit stack
  • Pro stack
  • SR 9009 (Stenabolic)
  • GW 501516 (Cardarine)
  • S4 (Andsrine)

Healing (7)

Healing and recovery from injuries are crucial for any bodybuilder or intense body workout. The company gives these options

  • Advanced Sport Stack
  • Mass, Stack
  • Fit stack
  • Pro Stack
  • Mk 2866
  • LGD 4033

Stacks (2)

These SARMs stacks can give you powerful results as they bring together their separate qualities.

  • Quad stack – this brings together Anabolicum (15 MG), Andarine (25 MG), and Nutrabol (15 MG) which is, ideal for building lean muscle and adding strength
  • Obliterate – this is a blend of Andarine (25 MG), Ostarine (15 MG), and Cardarine (10 MG). It’s a great blend designed to burn fat

Others are:

  • Strength and weight gain (4)
  • Testosterone boost (7)
  • Get lean (7)

Customer service

The company provides its contacts for you to reach them for any issues. These contacts include a physical address and an email address. They are

  • Calgary, Ad
  • [email protected]


Everyone naturally wants to know how fast his order will be delivered and how long the waiting will last. The company says much will depend on the time you placed your order. Did you order before 10 AM Mountain Standard Time? Then you can expect same day shipment of your order. Otherwise, your order will ship the next business day, but there is a catch. If there is a pileup of other orders, the next business day shipment may be held up, leading to some delay.

The company uses Canada Post Express to deliver all the orders. It estimates that you should have the product in your hands in about 1 to 5 days after you purchased it. Your location will also dictate how long the delivery takes.

How much will the shipping cost you? Here, the company has a surprise for you because it’s free for all shipments. That means you pay nothing, and it doesn’t matter how big your order is or where it is being shipped.

Refund policy

In case you were hoping to get a refund from Sarmsexpress; this won’t be possible except in the following cases:

You were shipped a wrong product

  • If you can provide proof that  the purity of your product isn’t  the same as the one the company claimed   for the product
  • If you have returned the product at your own expense.

The company says it takes extraordinary steps to avoid being scammed via bogus claims of customers. These include taking photos of the products before they ship out and preserving records of the order. The company needs to do this once the product ships; they have no control over the condition of the product.

What if you have missing items in your order when it arrives?  The company says you should alert them as soon as possible. They promise to ship you the missing items after they have made confirmation from the information you provide.

Payment options

The company accepts any of the following payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover

Customer reviews

What are the customers saying about the company and its products? After all, they are supposed to have the last word on the company and our products, right?

I looked at the ratings displayed on the company’s site and here is how it looked like

  • 5 stars 93%
  • 4 star 5%
  • 3 star 0%
  • 2 star 0%
  • 1 star 0%

This shows an overwhelmingly positive customer response, but I am skeptical because these are results furnished by the company itself from customers who visit the site. There is, very little to corroborate this from outside sources

Conclusion of Sarmsexpress

So what is my final verdict on this company? Although Sarmsexpress seems to put an excellent case for itself concerning quality, customer support, and product range, if you are intent on getting the best, you may need to check out other vendors. My main reservations are that we don’t have enough independent customer reviews to make a judgment. Given these are research compounds with potential harm to your health, it would help to have reviews that don’t come from the company.

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