Serenity Botanicals Review: Pro’s & Con’s


Picking a kratom vendor to buy high-quality products from is nowhere near as easy as it might appear at first.

No, it’s not because there are so few top-quality kratom vendors out there to pick and choose from. It’s that there are so many – with all of them promising the moon and the stars when it comes to great prices, great products, and blazing fast shipping.

Well, we can tell you with full confidence that if you’re looking for a high-quality source of top-tier kratom – a variety of different strains and a variety of different kratom based products – at some of the best prices in the business you can’t go wrong with Serenity Botanicals.

Not only do they offer some of the best kratom products money can buy at prices that appear almost too good to be true but they also offer a whole bunch of other 100% herbal, 100% organic, and 100% all-natural health and wellness products, too.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop kind of destination to do all of your all-natural health and wellness purchasing with you’ve come to the right place. Serenity Botanicals has you covered!

General Overview

Headquartered out of Georgia, this company has an established reputation in the all-natural health and wellness industry that is second to none.

Reliable, reputable, and consistent they have a flood of glowingly positive reviews online that you can independently verify yourself, the kinds of reviews that let you know this company has your best interests at heart and delivers only top-tier quality products every single time you place an order.

As we mentioned above Serenity Botanicals doesn’t only offer kratom products but also includes a bunch of CBD options, hemp products, essential oils, herbal teas, and more. All of their products revolve around helping to create a healthier you, the kinds of products that can offer big health benefits in the short and long-term without subjecting you to the same kind of horrific side effects that modern chemical cocktails cooked up by pharmaceutical companies inevitably involve.

We mentioned earlier that the prices you’ll find that Serenity Botanicals are some of the best in the business and that is certainly the case, even before you start to apply promo offers and discounts that are quite common.

These prices may not be the lowest prices in the business all the time but they are more than competitive – especially when you start to purchase larger quantities of kratom at a time and trigger significant bulk savings discounts, too.

Shipping is fast and reliable, though customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington DC, and Wisconsin aren’t going to be able to legally place orders through this online shop. Those living in Oceanside, California, Jerseyville, Illinois, San Diego County, California, or Sarasota County, Florida aren’t going to be able to make purchases here, either.

Online Shop Experience

The overall online shopping experience you’ll enjoy when you visit the Serenity Botanicals web store is very simple, very straightforward, and very elegantly designed. This is a bit of a rarity in the kratom industry, but something that you are very much going to appreciate as you go through the product catalog and add different products to your shopping cart.

Information regarding the type of kratom you are interested in as well as the amount of that specific kratom type available in stock is prominently displayed throughout the product catalog, giving you details at your fingertips to help make your shopping process as simple and as quick as possible.

You’ll find products grouped into health and wellness benefit sections, products separated by specific type, and kratom options are broken down into the different strains and varieties that this store keeps on hand.

The entire website is mobile-friendly and responsive, perfectly easy to navigate from a mobile device with a design language that really scales for smaller screen sizes. Everything is protected from top to bottom with 256 bit SSL security encryption (e-commerce standard technology) so that you don’t have to worry about your personal or private data becoming compromised at any point in time.

All things considered, this is a very modern e-commerce platform with a simple, straightforward, and easy to use interface that a lot of people (including those that might not be all that technologically savvy) are going to find a joy to take advantage of.

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Product Selection

When it comes to kratom strains available for sale Serenity Botanicals helps to lead the pack in choices, with more than three dozen different types of kratom available for you to pick and choose from (and more being added to the shop on a regular basis).

This site has all of the popular red, green, and white strain varieties as well as some of the harder to find “ultimate kratom extract” and yellow strain options. A number of exclusive offers are available through this online vendor that you won’t find anywhere else, too.

You’ll be able to purchase powder, capsules, kratom extract, and more from this vendor as well as a whole range of hemp, CBD, and other 100% herbal, 100% organic, and 100% all-natural health and wellness products.

Bulk quantities can be ordered through this site does not yet offer wholesale discounts on oversized orders just yet. If you’re interested in partnering with this company as an affiliate there’s a chance to do exactly that, though you’ll have to reach out to the company directly for more information and details to trigger those wholesale discounts.

Kratom Quality

As far as the overall quality of kratom available from Serenity Botanicals goes you are going to be very happy with the products that you purchase.

Serenity Botanicals has a reputation for offering pure, potent, and powerful kratom options – but they also provide detailed information from third-party independent laboratories that conclusively verify all of the advertising and marketing promises that they make.

The company has a lot of relationships (many of them stretching back years) with kratom farmers, harvesters, and cultivars throughout Southeast Asia and a number of other locales around the world. These relationships allow Serenity Botanicals to get their hands on exclusive strains of kratom but also allow them to sort of “handpick” only the highest quality herbal ingredients that are then made into their high-quality products.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Kratom Pricing

Compared to the rest of the industry Serenity Botanicals has some of the lowest prices on a day-to-day basis, with ounces of kratom going for as little as $7 or so – sometimes even less!

Different strains are going to be priced differently (for obvious reasons), with some of the more exclusive options and some of the rarer options of the kratom sold by Serenity Botanicals available for prices that can start at $8.99 per ounce (or more).

Sample packs can be purchased directly from this vendor if you’re looking to try different strains for next to nothing. Sample packs include 10 different grams of kratom strains and varieties for just $2.99, giving you an opportunity to try a whole bunch of different options before you begin purchasing larger quantities.

Both discounts are triggered when you order larger amounts of kratom at a time, though as we mentioned above wholesale discounts are not yet available unless you are affiliated or partnered with this vendor.

Shipping prices are super low (oftentimes with free shipping available, depending on the specific promotion running at any one particular time) with expedited and overnight shipping options available on request depending on the final destination for the package.

All purchases through Serenity Botanicals do include a moneyback guarantee, though you should know that there is a $5 “restocking fee” assessed on every single order that is returned. Some have reported that you can reach out to customer service and explain why you are returning your kratom to the company and have that fee waived, though your results may vary.

Final Verdict

With so many different vendors out there to pick and choose from today finding the best company to purchase your kratom from can be a bit of a challenge.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of everything that Serenity Botanicals has to offer, a better understanding of what makes this vendor so much different from every other, and a real feel for how this company conducts business.

The fact that they charge a restocking fee on all refunds is a bit of a pain in the backside, but when you’re talking about a company that offers such high-quality products at such low prices minor annoyances like this are exactly that – minor annoyances.

It is nice that Serenity Botanicals will let you know whether or not your order can be delivered to your doorstep depending on your local laws, rules, and regulations that may impact your eligibility. They clearly outline destinations that they cannot send kratom to prominently on the product pages, but they also make sure that you are aware of any ineligibilities before they allow you to process an order that would have otherwise been canceled later down the line.

All things considered, if you want to be sure that you’re doing business with a vendor you can trust – a transparent, reputable, and low-cost vendor – Serenity Botanicals is someone you’ll want to keep in mind.

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