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The SARMs market has been kept ever busy with newly discovered compounds pouring into it. And now, after quite some time, it’s the turn of SR 9011, a potent SARM compound that overshadows Stensbolic, it’s a closely related cousin. But what is SR 9011, and how does it rate among the SARMs family of compounds?

In this article, I delve into SR 9011 and tell you how it can be useful for your bodybuilding and fitness goals.


SR 9011 is a compound that was developed by Professor Thomas Burriss of Scripps. This same Professor was also behind the invention of another similar compound called SR 9009 or Stenabolic.  Both compounds are of interest to medical researchers for their potential to treat muscle wasting in aging people as well as combat cancer.

Looking it up on the internet yields very little information beyond what is delved into and mostly locked up in academic treatises and papers. That reflects the fact that it is still early days for its presence in the market.

Both Sr9011 and Stenabolic make fascinating SARM compounds for one curious reason:  they do not properly belong to the SARMs category of compounds. Instead, they belong to a different class of chemicals called Erb Agonists.

However, since they produce near-identical results with SARMs, we prefer to leave them grouped in this stellar privileged club of compounds. They have certainly earned their place in it.

SARMS stands out for the way that they act, producing effects like steroids but without their terrible side effects. This is because they act selectively on specific cell receptors found in bone and muscle and leave out the rest of the body. Similar to SARMS, Erb agonists also act selectively sparing the body of many side effects. This has made Erb agonists be grouped with SARMs.

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So what are the benefits of SR 9011? The benefits of SR 9011 mirror quite closely what we would expect from SR 9009. They include the following

  • Alleviating anxiety

Animal studies show that anxiety behavior is noticeably reduced if they are given a REV-ERB substance for 3 to 10 days, twice per day.

  • Improving endurance levels

Nothing can be as disappointing to a bodybuilder as, not being able to go on to the end of the workout because of an energy crunch. That is where endurance comes in. SR 9011 does not only make you work harder but longer, ensuring you make the most out of your routine. Researchers in one study were stunned to see mice covering more distance and enduring longer in their activities when given a REV-ERB substance like SR 9011.

  • Better sleep

SR 9011 may make you quite active and energetic, but it can also be a boon for you if you are having trouble sleeping. Moreover, the sleep you get is of outstanding quality because it is blissful, restful, and difficult to interrupt.

  • Cutting fat

SR 9011’s action of turning off genes that produce glucose, drives your body to expend fat stores for energy production, thus leading to fat cuts. Moreover, it suppresses glucose production without affecting the body’s insulin sensitivity.

SR 9011 also has the effect of multiplying the presence of mitochondria, the cell’s energy powerhouses. This elevates metabolism in the body leading to extensive fat burn that goes on even when you are at rest or sleeping.

Studies in animals show that the effect of a REV-ERB agonist like SR 9011 can lead to a loss of 60% of weight after 30 days when compared to animals that did not receive the drug. Even obese animals whose obesity is inherent in their genes ceased adding weight after 12 days of treatment. This happened without affecting their glucose levels.

  • Lean muscle gains

SR 9011 can also dramatically increase your lean muscle mass. This happens as a result of the shedding of the old mitochondria and the creation of new mitochondria which increases the rate of new muscle generation. Yet why stop at this? You can accelerate the process by stacking the compound with Ligandrol, a potent SARM with stunning muscle gain capabilities.

  • Reducing inflammation

the compound is also ideal for treating muscle injury and aids  in fast recovery

Lowering cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides levels – You need more HDL and less HDL for optimum health. SR 9011 can help you accomplish both goals in one clean swipe. Animal studies show that these benefits are achievable after 7 to 10 days of taking the REV-ERB agonist substance.

  • Can relieve heart disease

it can also promote good cardiac health because of its impact on cholesterol levels

  • Boost wakefulness

SR 9011’s effects on your circadian patterns can go a long way in heightening your levels of alertness, ensuring that you are active when you need to be. For one engaged in working out, you need peak levels of focussing. SR 9011 can help you to overcome tiredness which can get in the way of your intense energy session

Side effects

SR 9011 has shown few side effects so far when used correctly. However, when one exceeds the recommended dosage levels, some side effects will occur


Though official dosage levels have not been established, the dosage often recommended by raw powder manufacturers is between 20 mg and 30 mg per day.

However, SR 9011 has a very short half-life raising the necessity to distribute it evenly throughout the day to maximize the action of its active ingredient in you. For this, it is suggested that you can spot your daily dose in such, a way as to avoid taking the compound every 2 to 4 hours. For a daily dose of 30 mg, for instance, one has 10 mg for every 4 hours in the day. 

The action of SR 9011

SR 9011, to repeat,  isn’t a SARM but produces effects that are quite similar to that one of the most SARMs.

We and many other earth creatures have bodies that are driven by a circadian cycle that tracks the 24-hour cycle produced by the sun. It’s why we wake up and predictably go to sleep. This process is mediated by special genes in our bodies which successively turn on and off at given intervals to produce the circadian rhythm.

Two genes called CLOCK and BMAL1, when turned on, turn on other genes called PER and CRY. The reverse also takes place, leading to PER and CRY turning off. The process runs perpetually in this on-off manner.

SR 0011 is, described, as a REV-ERB agonist. That is because it involves two proteins called ERB and REV. This pair of proteins are what controls the circadian clock rhythm by turning off BMAL1.

However, in a further maze of complexity, these proteins are triggered by an iron compound called heme group, which is also found in your red blood cells.

REV-ERB proteins can be found in your liver, fat tissues, and muscles. When you take SR 9011, it has the effect of dramatically increasing REV-ERB action with the following results

  • Liver – the REV-ERBs carried in this organ, which is the largest of the body, has the most tremendous effect on the body’s circadian rhythm. It deactivates glucose-producing genes and triggers on genes that are creating new fat cells.
  • Muscles – REV-ERB leads to the generation of new mitochondria, energy-producing parts of the cell. It also preserves old mitochondria, preventing them from being destroyed. These have the effect of accelerating fat burn by increasing the activity of mitochondria.
  • Fat cells – REV-ERB in these cells deactivates genes that create fat storage. This holds back the production of triglycerides.
  • SR 9011 has an effect on your sleeping patterns and behavior (known as circadian pattern or rhythm). When tested in mice, it was found to impact the circadian pattern, which is expressed by clock genes located in the hypothalamus. This effect was also extended to metabolic genes found in the liver, skeletal muscle, and fat tissue, changing their circadian expression and causing them to use up more energy.

Price and availability

SR 9011 is usually supplied as a raw powder. The powder can be put into capsules or processed into an oral solution. However, SARMs are marketed in the US as research chemicals and are not allowed for human or personal use. You can buy SARMs such as SR 9011 from vendors such as


  • Good oral bioavailability
  • Few side effects and no toxicity issues are seen so far


  • No clinical trials were done on humans yet

Conclusion of SR9011

When it comes to SR 9011, we have to be cautious as the research, as well as the bodybuilding communities, are still feeling their way around concerning this compound.

It is quite a new arrival in the SARMs world, and it’s only settling down to get known as the new girl in town.

That said, SR 9011 is supposed to be a souped-up version of SR 9009, another compound with which it shares a lot of qualities. So, think of all the qualities of SR 9009, and SR 9011 likely surpasses them. It even comes with an additional advantage not possessed by SR 9009. It is better absorbed as an oral drug.  If you think that SR 9009 was incredible, then make way for SR 9011 which should blow your mind.

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