US Gains Review: Scam or Legit Sarms?


Around the world, they are people right now being scammed into buying bogus products that no one would wish on their dog. It happens almost daily, and the sale of SARMs is no exception. Should you bow to all this and permit the sellers to run all over you? I don’t think so, and this is why I am here.

In this article, I clear away the fog around US Gains. Do they deserve to have their products bought by you or anyone else?


How the company measures up

Determining this company’s worth as a vendor, you should buy from took me through a journey of weighing various factors. Here they are

  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Pricing
  • Returns and refunds
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Website quality
  • Customer support

Origin and reason for SARMs

SARMs haven’t been much around much compared to other performance enhancement compounds like anabolic steroids and prohormones. Nonetheless, it has caused a stir not only in the research world but also in the field, track, and gym where athletes and bodybuilders have resorted to it to improve on their goals.

So why have  SARMs sparked such excitement and attention? SARMs stand for Selective Androgenic Receptor  Modulators, which describes them as compounds with high selectivity in going after body tissues. So unlike anabolic steroids, SARMs targets specific tissues such as bone and muscle and spurs them to become stronger and bigger. You can get these results with steroids as well, but steroids unleash their formidable force more wildly and indiscriminately. So they switch on things you don’t want to be switched on and switch off others which you want to be left switched on. With steroids expect big stunning muscles, and bone but be also prepared for these:

  • Excess hair growth including women who end up with beards
  • Men get large breasts that even lactate
  • Women with hoarse, deep voices for which there is, no reversal
  • The worst result is, liver toxicity which in most cases spell liver damage and even fatality

History of US Gains

One curious thing I found about this vendor is that it is almost impossible to pin down where it is located on the globe. That is because it keeps that information under wraps, and you have to do a little digging to figure out where it is based. The  US, in its name, turns out to be misleading as it is not US-based. It appears to come from Sydney, Australia and goes by an alternative name, OZ Gains. The site says  little about US Gains as a company

Product quality

When it comes to product quality, US Gains is pretty bold in asserting its credentials. They try to punch holes in the widespread industry practice of claiming third party testing, saying much of it is based on outdated tests that are years old. So what do US Gains have to offer us in place of this?

They say they back up their products regularly with the latest test results. Each product is accompanied by viewable third party tests on the product page. This is their assurance that you never get underdosed products.

However, I tried to look up their site to find their lab tests, but I could not find any. If they are there, they must be very hard to find, which beats reason. Would you not parade your strongest points for all to see so you can harp on them?

Product variety

How does the company’s product range look like?

I took a look and found that US Gains is well stocked with the most comprehensive SARM inventory, so you are not likely to leave empty-handed without the SARM product you want. They have both singular and stack SARM products which is a good thing as it caters to the most varied needs.

Individual SARMs

  • LGD 4033 Ligandrol
  • Ostarine
  • RAD 140
  • Nutrobal
  • Stenabolic

SARM stacks

  • Growth stack
  • Lean growth stack (LGD 4033 x3 bottles +GW 510516 X 3 bottles)
  • Shred stack (MK 2866 X 1 bottle + GW 501616 X 1 bottle)
  • Injury healing stack (MK-2866 X 1 bottle +MK-677 X 1 bottle)
  • Super fat burn stack (GW 501516 x 3 bottles +SR 9009 x 3 bottles)
  • Ultimate growth (RSD 140 x 3 bottles +YK 11 x 3 bottles)

Customer service

How good is the company’s customer service? This information can be best provided by customers who are given a chance to relate their experiences on the site. However, the company does not feature a platform for customers to air their views. So we can’t tell how satisfied customers are with them. That is puzzling. Your customers are the best people to spread the word about you unless you aren’t too confident about your products.

Nonetheless, the company gives customers a way to connect with them through an email address it offers. Pointedly, no phone numbers or social media contact. To me, all this spells trouble for customer support.

Website quality and navigability

This vendor’s site is relatively simple and easily navigable, which should be good news to the novice encountering webpages for the first time. However, I think it’s too simple that it omits a lot of information that a customer would love to lay hands on. You probably guessed their site had to be this simple because it is silent on so many aspects of the company. No word on company profile or history. No blog, or even social media for customers to connect to. I did google OZ Stores, which is apparently its alternative name and hit on a Facebook page by OZ Stores. The page is devoid of any activity which raises eyebrows.


The company ships to all parts of the world except for some destinations where restrictions apply for some particular products.

Two things will determine how fast your order will be shipped and get delivered.

  • Availability of the products you have ordered
  • The shipping option you have picked

Based on these, the company will give you the best estimated times so you can know the date of delivery. This company does not seem to offer free shipping, which marks it out from some of its competitors, some of whom provide free shipment regardless of order size or location.

Your shipping charges will be based on the weight of your package. This information is provided on the detail page of each product, and it is helpful to keep in mind that weighed are rounded off to the next pound.


Want to return your ordered product for some reason? The company says no problem. Just send it back within 30 days of delivery. You will have to make sure though that it’s not opened. In that case, the company will give you a full refund and even go one better: it will foot the bill for the shipment but only if it’s because it was their mistake such as shipping the wrong product or a faulty one. All that sounds great, but how long do you have to wait for your refund, keeping in mind you have already done a lot of waiting, including when the product shipped initially?

The company says it should take no longer than 4 weeks from the time your shopper receives the returned product.

Pricing and coupons

If you are looking for some decent discounts, the company can give you 15% off for bulk buying of any of their Sarms stacks. The best part about it is that it will be forever but who are told that the company will always keep to this word?

Payment option

The company accepts payment mainly through bank transfers via Zelle.


US Gains claims that it beats its rivals in giving you phenomenal gains in health, fitness, and wellbeing. But is it true that the company leaves its competition in the dust?

I like that the company is bold about product quality, even scolding the competition for either posting outdated and hence useless third-party tests or claiming to be the sole provider of these tests. The US Gains claims to debunk this exclusive claim of providing purity tests by providing their own tests with every product.

US Gains, however, doesn’t convince me that they should be regarded as the best SARM vendor. Yes, they claim to provide high-quality products backed by recent third-party tests, but so do others. However, other competitors go a step further than US Gains by providing other goodies. Some gift customers with free shipping, which US Gains doesn’t do, charging for even the tiniest order based on weight.

I also fail to understand the strategy of the company using the name “US” when it’s not based in the US. Is it a game of smoke and mirrors? I like vendors who come right out and truthfully declare who they are. It adds something charming and warm to their persona. So do I endorse this company for anyone to buy from? That isn’t likely now or in the future.

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