YK11 Review : Where to Buy, Side Effects and Benefits


YK11 is actually a myostatin inhibitor and not your typical selective androgen receptor modulator. This sort of compound is able to break down our genetic muscle-building wall and allow us to gain more muscle mass than normal and without water retention.

We all want to look fantastic in our swimwear and have all eyes on us. However, sometimes, it’s just not possible to do it with diet and exercise. Sometimes, we need extra help — some sort of muscle enhancer!

Now, we know that most people would immediately think of steroids now. But given the fact that these come with a bunch of side effects no one needs, we ought to find an alternative.

Luckily, that’s exactly when YK11 comes into play. This compound is bound to make our gym dreams come true in less time than we think. So without further ado, let’s learn more about it!

Although one of the most potent substances on the market, YK11, was a late bloomer. In fact, its effects were discovered in 2011 by Yuichiro Kanno. He conducted the initial study on this SARM in which he stated that it was a type of androgen receptor modulator.

The main side effect, according to Mr. Kanno, was that the substance leads to aggression. Still, in smaller doses, this was negligible.


Now, to really understand how YK11 works, we have to explain this drug from scratch. First of all, we need to understand that every person out there, man or woman, has a genetic muscle-building wall. This wall is what inhibits us from gaining muscle mass beyond a certain point.

Indeed, if we were to gain muscle mass all the time, then we wouldn’t be able to walk at all. Humans are just not made to carry an excessive amount of muscle on their bodies. In the end, no matter how much we work out or diet, at some point, we’ll reach our limit. It’s sort of like hair growth — after a while, it just stops because we don’t have the genetic makeup for luscious locks like Rapunzel.


Now, if you remember, we mentioned a compound called follistatin. This is the thing that stops myostatin from destroying our muscle-gaining plans. In essence, when we take YK11, myostatin goes back to its day job and lets us do our thing at the gym, thus, allowing us to gain more muscle mass (the lean kind).

YK11 works similarly to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a potent cousin of testosterone and another follistatin inhibitor. However, unlike that substance, YK11 doesn’t lead to the deterioration of our overall health.



Let’s get back to the main subject of our article — YK11. Given that some people classify the drug as a SARM, we can expect similar benefits from it, like the ones from Andarine or Cardarine.

However, what’s important to note here is that this product is a lot more versatile than most of us would think. In fact, we can use it for both cutting and bulking up.

Muscle Gains

Since it is an androgen receptor agonist and puts myostatin back into its original role, achieving serious muscle growth while on YK11 is easy. During the 8-week cycle, we can expect to gain about 5 to 8 pounds of it, which isn’t bad at all. In fact, when compared to steroids and their side effects, gaining so much in so little time with almost no consequences is really like a dream come true. And the fact that this compound does not induce water retention makes it very enticing.

Still, we should never expect to gain more than that. After all, our bodies need to adjust to our muscles. No one likes stretch marks, especially not on their arms and legs.

Weight loss

What’s fantastic about this substance is that it can instigate fat loss by burning body fat deposits already in the body and the excess calories ingested. Since it leads to more muscle mass, which logically leads to more calories burned each day during workouts. Moreover, those same reasons are why it inhibits fat storage. In essence, when on YK11, one can become a fat-destroying machine in no time at all!

Muscle protection

Another great benefit of using it is that it can act as a protective agent for the muscle mass we already have. Most of you already know that working out each day does lead to some form of muscle wastage. In fact, if we decide to exercise strenuously every day and cut calories at the same time, our muscles could suffer.

But that’s why YK11 is fantastic! While taking it, we won’t experience those consequences, as it effectively promotes lean tissue growth and preserves our muscle mass at the same time.


Even though there are many benefits to taking supplements, we cannot help but research if there are any side effects to them as well. Luckily, SARMs don’t usually come with any major consequences, and neither does YK11 as a myostatin inhibitor. However, there have been very few clinical studies on these compounds, so lots of information regarding the long term benefits and side effects remain unknown. Fortunately, anecdotal evidence shows that YK11 is mostly free from side effects unless it is abused or combined with other harmful drugs.

Most bodybuilders say that taking YK11 led to excessive hair growth all over their bodies. Now, this isn’t that surprising at all, but can we even classify it as a side effect? Some people would absolutely love for this to happen!

Nevertheless, let’s say that’s a consequence no one wants to hear about. Another side effect can be baldness — the entire opposite of the above-mentioned. Using YK11 can make someone who is already at risk of hair loss to lose it even more rapidly than usual.

Libido and sexual health

We’ve already mentioned that follistatin can affect the prostate, i.e., lead to prostate cancer. That also means that it can reduce our sex drive and make us almost frigid. However, that’s what steroids do as well, and in case you were wondering, YK11 leads to only a minor decrease in our sex drive in comparison to steroids. It just doesn’t lead to the same androgenic issues the latter is known for.

High blood pressure and liver toxicity

Although this headline could scare you, we just wanted to mention that using YK11 could lead to a slight increase in your blood pressure. Moreover, it causes low-level liver toxicity, which is a common side effect among SARMs. However, it’s nowhere near as the level of toxicity steroids generate.

Suppression of testosterone

Since most bodybuilders say that YK11 is a SARM, it also has one distinct side effect most SARMs have: testosterone suppression. However, with the right PCT supplement and by using only the right doses during the cycle, our bodies can bounce back pretty quickly from this side effect.


Even though YK11 is quite potent by itself, there are some ways for us to boost its muscle growth capabilities and the other effects even more. Most bodybuilders opt for the YK11 and Testolone combination.

Do note, though, that proper dosages are key here, as we don’t want to harm ourselves. It’s best to start small and ask a doctor or a bodybuilding expert with which dosages to start. Generally, 5 mg of both during the first week is a good idea, but that goes for men only. Women looking for lean muscle growth but with minimal risks for side effects would have to adjust the dosage appropriately, as they may react differently to it.

Yk11 can also be stacked with other SARMs such as Ostarine, Ligandrol (LGD4033) or AndarineS4. It all comes down to the specific goals an individual is trying to achieve and what their bodies can tolerate. Finally, you have to run PCT after each cycling involving these compounds. PCT is essential as it helps to restore optimal testosterone production in the body.


Whether we decide to stack YK11 with other SARMs or use it on its own, it is of the essence to use it for no more than eight weeks. If we go over this limit, we could seriously endanger our health and even become extremely aggressive.

This aggression is also connected to the dosage we’re using. Depending on sex, we’ll take different doses. For men, the optimal dose is 2–5 mg twice per day.

This SARM has a short half-life (about 6 to 8 hours), so taking the drug twice a day should generate the muscle gains we’re after. However, women ought to be cautious with it and use smaller doses. They should take 0.5–2.0 mg per day and never go above those numbers. Otherwise, they could go through virilization, otherwise known as the development of masculine physical traits and hair growth.

Most of the side effects connected to YK11 are minimal. Still, we ought to do our best to avoid them by taking the right doses and never going over the limit. If done right, the side effects won’t bother us at all, as there’s little chance they’ll even come up.


So is YK11 a good choice if we want to stay as far away from steroids as possible? We say that it definitely is. The science behind it, although still obscure, shows promising results. Moreover, it’s the most potent compound, aside from steroids, that could actually give us that hard muscle look and increase muscle gains. In addition to that, this drug will also increase muscle strength, boost energy levels and stamina, promote bone strength and overall bone health, and support your fat loss endeavors.

In the end, it depends on what we’re looking for and what we want to achieve at the gym. However, taking this SARM in small dosages and only for eight weeks shouldn’t become a major issue in our lives. After all, if we’re doubtful, we can always start small and take even less than the recommended amount. We’ll see if there are any mind-blowing results in just a few weeks and if we’re reacting well to it.


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