Yokratom Review: What you should know about this kratom supplier


Reputation is absolutely everything when it comes to finding the best kratom vendors to do business with.

This industry has absolutely exploded over the last few years and finding a vendor you know you can trust is mission priority number one. You need to know that you’re getting quality and consistent kratom every single time you place your orders, and you need to know that you aren’t spending a mountain of money on low-grade products that you won’t be happy with later down the line.



As a general rule, YoKratom is considered to be one of the more reputable kratom vendors on the market today.

This is a relatively established company that has been around for a little while, a company that has fulfilled thousands of orders already, and a company with a very well-designed online shopping experience that gives it a lot more credibility compared to some of the other options out there.

Combine all of that with a solid ordering process, great customer service, and a decent amount of products to pick and choose from it’s easy to see why so many people like YoKratom as their preferred vendor.

General Overview

As we touched on a moment ago, YoKratom has been around in the kratom industry for quite a while with a number of years providing kratom to the world under their belt already.

This company is based out of the US which means it is subjected to some industry scrutiny that other offshore vendors may not have to worry about, the kind of scrutiny that should give you a bit of confidence moving forward with a purchase here.

On top of that, the overwhelming majority of the reviews for YoKratom are glowingly positive – especially the ones from customers that have placed orders within the last 12 months or so. It seems like this company is on the upswing, gaining a lot of traction in the industry, and generating the type of word-of-mouth referrals that really help these businesses to thrive.

We made mention of the easy ordering process that is facilitated by the super clean online shopping interface a moment ago, but that’s something that we are going to hammer home a little more in-depth in just a moment.

Great customer service and support are always appreciated as a consumer and you’ll find the folks at YoKratom to be highly responsive regardless of how you choose to reach out to them.

Online Shop Experience

To say that the YoKratom online shopping experience is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack (for the most part) would be the understatement of the century.

This company very obviously invested a significant amount of money into producing a slick, modern, and easy to use online shop that blows almost all of the competition right out of the water.

Not only will you find this online shop to be easy to navigate and easy to use, but you’re also going to find high definition photos of all the products that YoKratom makes available – many of them updated on a regular basis so that you know exactly what you are getting when you place your order.

On top of that, this online shop has been built on a foundation of responsive technology that means your experience is going to be consistent (and enjoyable) on any internet-enabled device – including smartphones and tablets.

You’d be amazed at the sheer volume of kratom vendors that haven’t moved over to a responsive web platform just yet, vendors that are missing out big time since customers are moving to mobile ordering and such a large number.

The details regarding all of the kratom strains and products that YoKratom makes available are prominently displayed and always easy to find. This is a huge bonus for those that are purchasing kratom for the first time, those that are ordering different strains of kratom for the first time, or those that just want to learn a little bit more about the consumables they are going to be putting in their body moving forward.

The shopping process from adding products to your cart to ordering the merchandise that you’ve selected is simplified and streamlined. The only real hitch here is that you aren’t going to be able to change order quantities after they have been added to your shopping cart. If you want to order more you’ll have to add more to your cart, and if you’d like to order less you have to remove that kratom order completely and then re-add the correct quantity later down the line.

All in all, though, the overall shopping experience is pretty rock solid and enjoyable across the board.

Product Selection

As far as product selection at YoKratom goes, they offer more than 12 different strains of kratom for you to pick and choose from.

Carrying a wide variety of the most popular red and green strains of kratom, it was nice to see a reputable company like this also carry a considerable amount of white kratom strains – kratom options that are a little more difficult to come by, a little bit rarer, and also a bit more potent.

The relationships that YoKratom has with kratom farmers and cultivars throughout Southeast Asia really allow them to offer high quality and potent options across their entire product selection. The exclusive strains that they make available (particularly the white strains) came about because of these relationships, too.

You’ll be able to order powder and capsules from YoKratom, though you won’t be able to find any other health and wellness products from this vendor the way you might have with other options. This is strictly a kratom-only company as of early 2020, anyway.

Kratom Quality

All in all, the quality of kratom that you can get from YoKratom is pretty solid – though it would have been nice to have a little more transparency from the company regarding the products that they are selling.

Unlike a lot of other kratom vendors in this space, there is no Certificate of Analysis on every order, there is no laboratory details regarding checks for heavy metals or potency and purity, and there are no details provided regarding alkaloid content on every individual purchase, either.

All of those would have been nice to see and would have really helped to take YoKratom over the top compared to some of the other options out there – but as of right now (early 2020) these kinds of things just aren’t in place.

Maybe they will turn things around later down the line and add a lot more transparency to their kratom products, but until then you’ll have to go off of the customer reviews and testimonials you can find on their site and online regarding the quality of the kratom they make available.

We can tell you that the overwhelming majority of reviews online regarding YoKratom as a vendor in the products they offer are very positive. Most feel that the kratom is quite consistent, but a little more transparency would never hurt.

Kratom Pricing

Where YoKratom really succeeds is in delivering almost unbelievably low prices for all of the kratom products they provide, including some of the rarer and more potent strains they make available.

For example, you can pick up a kilo of powerhouse kratom like Maeng Da for $89.99, a price point that you’ll have an almost impossible time finding anywhere else. This is a great deal for sure, but deals like this can be found up and down the entire YoKratom product catalog.

Sample packs can be picked up for six dollars apiece so that you have a chance to try all different kinds of kratom before you order larger quantities. Bulk discounts and wholesale discounts are available as well for those that order in gigantic quantities, with discounts getting better and better with the more product that you purchase.

Promo codes, frequent sales, and special deals are regularly advertised on the website and through the email marketing system this company has. They also offer cheap – but not 100% free – shipping on all orders to the US as well as internationally.

Final Verdict

When it comes right down to it, there’s a lot to really like when you are looking to order from YoKratom – though there are a handful of things that might give you a little bit of pause.

On the plus side, this company offers a lot of different kratom options to pick and choose from. This includes a handful of pretty rare strains of kratom (white kratom, to be specific) that you might have had a difficult time finding anywhere else.

Solid customer service and support, fast shipping, and one of the easiest to use online shopping experiences are definitely benefits to moving forward with YoKratom, too.

On the flip side of things, though, the lack of transparency, the lack of obvious quality checks, and a lack of free shipping offer really sort of hamstrings this company a little bit.

Of course, they do offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee and have some pretty overwhelmingly positive reviews online, so maybe those downside issues really aren’t that big of an issue for most – and certainly aren’t deal breakers when you get right down to it.

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